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International Holiday Work-Camp Experience

GlobalCastle by CVJM Bayern

We're creating a fun english-speaking environment

How to have a productive vacation!

  • Serving others with a core living faith in Jesus.
  • Working in a castle and supporting the castle personnel.
  • Delivering fun English content with your personal touch.
  • Fostering life-long friendships within the staff team.
  • Experiencing enriching culture exchange daily.

GlobalCastle might mean for you...

  • Learning by doing: a chance to try out your skills and passions.
  • Intense mentoring and company by our team members.
  • Overcoming various challenges and collecting life lessons.
  • Strengthening your relationship with God by experiencing personal and spiritual growth.
GlobalCastle 2023

GlobalCastle is an international youth exchange program as a nonacademic education- level school that encourages, inspires, and equips around 1,000 youth aged 13 to 21 annually.

GlobalCastle is exciting to provide a multicultural working platform for every young adult who seeks international explorations and internal spiritual growth.


It is indeed an international holiday job but also a learning opportunity to invest in improving yourself gaining self-confidence, efficacy, and faith.


the multicultural environment you created will motivate and prepare the local young campers to step abroad and initiate their global impact


You will help to develop practical and true-to- life English environments with informal pedagogic methods, such as sports, music, arts and crafts, games, cooking, etc.

Join the team and create a positive learning camp environment!

Summer Season Camp 7 Camp 8 Camp 9 Camp 10 Camp 11 Camp 12
2024 13.05. - 17.05. 17.06. - 21.06. 01.07. - 05.07. 08.07. - 12.07. 02.08. - 08.08. 19.08. - 25.08.

General conditions

There are 12 one-week camps held annually, divided between the winter and summer
seasons. You can apply for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of all 12 weeks. If you plan to stay longer, you can use the "no camp weeks" for traveling and resting.


Where is GlobalCastle?
You will be living and working on the YMCA castle Wernfels in a village called Wernfels, too. It
takes place near the Franconian Lake district (Bavaria/ near Nürnberg). Besides you there will be around 15-20 other workcampers/volunteers with whom you will share the working and living experience.

What about financial support?
YMCA Bavaria will cover your accommodation and food during the camps. Depending on your location and individual needs, we will cover your travel costs (a flight or train) and provide pocket money accordingly.

Who can apply?
If you have a very safe English language handling, are an English native speaker and are passionate about serving young people with a Jesus-centered motivation, you might be the right fit for the GlobalCastle project!

This is important for your application

  • you are older than 18
  • you need to specify the exact weeks (or date range) you want to apply
  • you filled application letter of holiday jobber service
  • send a CV / Resume

Your contact

Your contact