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Job Advert Holiday Worker GlobalCastle

International holiday Work-Camp experience with the CVJM Bayern In our project ,,GlobalCastle"


The twelve annual "GlobalCastle Language Camps" ...
... Encourage, enable and inspire yearly around 1000 young people aged 14 to 21 with a nonacademic educational-level schools to take part in international youth exchange programs.

Every young person should get the chance to gain experiences abroad in order to expand their horizon, get to know other life-contexts and -realities and to get encouraged to shape their own lives in an intrinsically motivated manner.
Mostly, young people from academic backgrounds take part in such youth exchange programs as internships or work camps. Surveys show, that for our target group, it is initially a challenge to get involved with already existing offers and to overcome the language barriers. We want to change this! Conversely, the great added value of our camps consists in strengthening self-confidence and experiencing self-efficacy.

What we are searching for, is providing a "youth exchange light". A one-week exchange, which takes part in their own country to make them feel safe, but anyway lets them gain intercultural experience through the international volunteers and the intercultural orientated program. So, they can get prepared and motivated to try the step abroad through an organized youth exchange which is suitable for them afterwards.

How will they get prepared?
Trying out and learning the language should inspire and be fun. That is why we rely on practical and true-to-life learning using leisure-time pedagogic methods (sports, music, creativity, handicrafts, games, cooking, other activities) and mostly native-speaking young adults from English-speaking countries.
There are no school-alike English lessons, but the target language is spoken during the whole program. The young people learn to speak in a way that is oriented towards everyday life and thereby lose their shame in expressing themselves in the foreign language.
In addition to language skills, an intercultural understanding should be built up. Intercultural
experiences are essential for taking responsibility in our globalized world and for a peaceful living together on our shared earth.
We believe that everyone is an expert in their own lifeworld. We want to provide a platform for everyone, to experience their abilities, teach them to others and share their life experiences. So, we can all learn from and grow with each other.


A special highlight will be the Language Labs (“language laboratories”) every morning, in which the native speakers share their biographies with the young people and give a living testimony of their experiences and relationship with Jesus.
The idea is, to create interreligious dialogue and share our Christian faith and the love, we receive from God with them. We want to give impulses to reflect about sense and life questions, which can be deepened in different workshops and also in one-to-one conversations during the camp-period.
During the camp different cultures and a lot of options of youth exchanges will get shown, so the young people can already in this week get the opportunity to find something interesting for them which is also fitting to their needs.

The camps, each with around 85 participants, are divided into four “cell groups” of 21 young
people and 4-5 employees (full-timers and volunteers) plus teachers/trainers. This corresponds to a ratio of approx. 1:4, which is appropriate for the target group. The project will be carried by two full-time professionals and 20 volunteers.



About us ...


The “YMCA (Young Men's Christian Assiociation) Landesverband Bayern e.V.”
was founded in 1903 and is the merger of the 105 CVJM associations in Bavaria with
12,500 members and 4,150 volunteers. Its work consists of the pedagogical-theological
accompaniment of the local YMCA and the personal accompaniment of individuals,
educational programs, youth welfare in various forms of youth work, interest groups, sporting, musical and creative types, events and leisure time. The YMCA Landesverband Bayern e.V. is embedded in the worldwide and interdenominational YMCA community in 120 countries with 65 million members and the German YMCA with 310,000 members in 1,400 associations. The YMCA state association is a member of the Bavarian Youth Council via the Evangelical Youth in Bavaria.

According to the “Paris base” of the worldwide YMCA, all work is determined by the
missionary mandate to credibly live and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The YMCA regional association with its 65 employees works in a team-oriented manner as
part of a team of eight employees, the office, and leisure center team. General Secretary
Michael Götz is responsible for supervising the employees.

The state association is managed by two honorary bodies, the 40-strong main committee
and the 12-strong executive board, both of which are elected by the delegates' meeting of
the Bavarian YMCA.



Have you been wondering, how to fill your vacation? What about ...

  • Serving others with a living faith in Jesus in the center
  • inviting others to a life with Jesus by sharing your experiences
  • Working on our castle and supporting the team
  • creating a fun program for the camps and connecting on a personal level with the participants
  • doing creative Teamwork to continue developing the project
  • personal exchange with your Team
  • teaching English playfully in your personal way


This might mean for you ...

  • Surmounting challenges and collecting life experience
  • learning by doing: Give yourself a chance to try out your skills and passions
  • intense mentoring and company by our teamers
  • experiencing personal and spiritual growth and strengthen your relationship with god
  • taking the adventure of living together with the other volunteers and learning about and with each others


... Being one of those 20 volunteers!


General conditions:

  • There are 12 one-week camps taking place a year, separated in a summer and a winter
  • You can apply for minimally 2 following weeks, maximally all 12
  • In your application, please let us know, for which weeks exactly you want to apply
  • If you are planning to stay for a longer period, you can use the "no-camp-weeks" for
  • travelling, resting


Winter season 2023

Camp 1 Camp 2 No camp Camp 3 Camp 4 No camp Camp 5 Camp 6
9.-13.1. 16.-20.1. 23.-27.1. 30.1.-3.2. 6.-10.2. 13.-17.2. 20.-24.2. 27.2.-3.3.


Summer season 2023

Camp 7 Camp 8 No camp Camp 9 Camp 10 Camp 11 No camp Camp 12
25.-30.6. 9.-15.7. 15.-21.7. 23.-29.7. 29.7.-4.8. 5.-11.8. 12.-18.8. 19.-25.8.



  • You will be living and working on our YMCA-castle ,,Wernfels" in a village called Wernfels, too. It takes place near the Franconian lake district (Bavaria/ near Nurnberg). Besides, you, there will be around 15-20 other work campers/volunteers with whom you will share the working and living experience.

What about the financial issues?

  • The CVJM Bayern will cover for your accommodation and food. The payment follows the German financial laws and amounts to 12 euros/hour.

Who can apply?

  • If you are an English native-speaker or have a very safe handling of the language, are aged more than 18 and have a heart for serving young people with a Jesus-centered motivation you might be just right for the "GlobalCastle"-project!


Do you want to take the step and be part of our team? Send your application to:


             CVJM Landesverband Bayern e. V.
             to Friederike Giesler and Moritz Kreutz


Needed Documents:

  • Filled letter of application for Work campers >> download
  • Curriculum vitae

We are curious for you!

Contact us in case of having more questions.